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    The Berwick Fire Department is a Volunteer Fire Department, consisting of four separate departments working together to form the Berwick Fire Department.  The Department is led by an elected Fire Chief, elected Assistant Chiefs from each station, Captains, and other volunteers that make up the department.  The Fire Chief appoints the Deputy Chief as 2nd in command.

Although the Berwick Borough Council has the final authority over the fire department, the Berwick Fire Department is generally governed by a Fire Board, which consists of members from each of the four separate entities.  The Fire Board makes most of the decisions on behalf of the department as a whole.  The Board members vote according to their individual fire hall's membership needs and wants.  The Berwick Fire Chief oversees the Fire Board. 

The four fire companies that make up the Berwick Fire Department include West Berwick, Reliance, Rangers, and Eagles.  The companies are spread throughout the Borough of Berwick, with each having a different coverage area. 

The Berwick Fire Department is a state of the art fire department, using modern practices, focusing a great deal on training and use of state of the art equipment.  As you see in the photos,  the department is loaded with some of the best equipment available to firefighters.  The department is one of the best volunteer fire departments in the region and fights each day to save the lives of people in need.


East Berwick Fire Company is made up of Salem Township which is within a mile of Berwick Borough and assists in mutual aid to Berwick many times a year. 


Reliance Fire Company                   

501 West Third Street                      

(570) 752-5621

Ranger Hose Company                    

208 East Front Street                       

(570) 752-6511                                    

West Berwick Hose Company

1433 Fairview Ave

(570) 752-5151

Eagle Hose Company

325 South Mercer Street

(570) 752-4312

East Berwick Fire Company

637 East Fifth Street                          (570) 759-3010

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