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A true collector's paradise!

This is the coolest museum I have ever visited! There are literally thousands of items in this barn and they are displayed in the most unique ways. Some of the displays are in rooms that look like little stores and they are on a street that looks like New Orleans complete with the balconies. Here are some of the collections: phones, cameras, too many Hot Wheels cars to count, Campbell soup and M&M collections, Breyer horses, Barbies, lots of Harleys and Harley memorabilia. A room dedicated to Elvis. Thousands of license plates. There is the largest collection of Avon pieces that I've ever seen. We were there for over 4 hours and I am sure I missed seeing everything. It was $5 per person and the best money ever spent! Be sure to talk to Bill, I found out so much about the various collections from him. There are a lot of amusement park items that came from Belgium that are very old. He loves his collections and knows where he got everything and shared stories about them. None of the items are for sale, so just keep that in mind if you bring young children as there are a lot of toys there that should be looked at and not touched. It is so wonderful to see these collections loved and well preserved for the future. Items are constantly being added, I definitely plan to go back again to see the changes. A trip here will bring back many childhood memories.


Bill collects the 1939 New York Worlds Fair memorabilia which is housed along Main St in Billville our little village constructed inside the building, complete with mock mansion, smoke shop, music store and our 1939 New York Worlds Fair Bar. From military displays, vintage riding clothing, thousands upon thousands of posters and memorabilia, from John Wayne to John Deere and everything in between. There is something for any enthusiast at Bill's Old Bike Barn.

A must see for everyone

What a place! Everything from A to Z. We were so impressed. Not just bikes tons of Americana Memorabilia. Almost overwhelming, but staged nicely, great details and very highly recommend for any age. Stayed for almost 2 hours but could have stayed longer and wanting to go back,

Simply blown away at the amount of things to see!

This collection of "Americana" is amazing! For only $5 each, our party of 4 spent 2 hours, and felt we could be there another 2 without ever getting to appreciate all of the treasures! It is much more than a collection of motorcycles. Everything is out there to see and touch. I wouldn't recommend it for very small children, as you would spend so much time trying to keep them from destroying everything, you wouldn't get to enjoy it yourself. We are planning on returning with our 8 year old grandchildren. Plan on giving yourself plenty of time to wander about. The owner and staff were more than pleasant and cheery. I absolutely am in love with this place!

Click Here To Enter Bills Bike Barn and Meseum

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